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Part of the traditional season of sanitary ware market

Part of the traditional season of sanitary ware market "spectators"
   Recently, I visited Beijing's largest home improvement retail market - Shilihe actually home, want to learn in the traditional sales season approaching, how prepared the market.

    Shilihe was home southeast corner shop is located in Beijing, a street famous home-building materials - Shilihe Commercial Street, CBD Central Business District north, south balcony Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the southern end of the CBD's largest and highest grade home building materials shopping center, business area of ??51,000 square Shilihe shop. Ware house is actually the first floor hall, shops on both sides of the aisle, down the aisle all the way forward, I found the shop very lonely, isolated individual stores within one or two consumer products in the inquiry, drawer runner the majority of the store are only Purchasing Guide waiting, which is "Golden September and Silver October," there should be a lively scene are very different, and also a bit compared to previous years do not meet the general. Why in the traditional sales season, the market is still the performance was so deserted it? With this question, I interviewed a number of brand stores inside the store staff. SSWW store Purchasing Guide Kao, told reporters: "This time, when compared with July sales worse, a National Day is coming because we are waiting for each store promotions and activities, hoping to buy lowest price of products; second is less of consumers visiting the store, the store's atmosphere seemed more deserted, the people streaming into the nature of each shop less. "

    drawer slides I also encountered in the shop come from the enterprise market SSWW Beijing to run the regional manager in particular, have long, he told reporters: "Beijing's policy of limited purchase of the entire building a great impact, not only in the bathroom industry, as long as with other building materials-related industries are more or less affected to some extent, the purchase of policies from Beijing to other cities radiation slowly, so Beijing has become the hardest hit sales of building materials, as far as I know, want some bathroom brand Red Star or actually to withdraw from the store, the daily cost too much, they have some bear, but because the store signed a contract, it is difficult to easily withdraw, and thus can only bite the bullet and insisted on in this situation, but also tolerant to continue operating the stores is not easy. "

    Beijing's restriction order has been issued more than six months, this time, capital regulation has affected the property market significantly, housing prices stopped rising for three consecutive months, prices have played a lot of real estate sales license, a "volume and price down." situation, to the Mid-Autumn Festival fell to the capital property transactions "freezing." Obviously, the bathroom real estate market has been the spillover effects upstream.

    In the visit, I found that not only is the brand in front of the cold, foreign brands are also abnormal deserted store, Duravit, Hansgrohe, TOTO, Kohler, etc., the huge exhibition hall in the TOTO, only idle The two staff, the other one is the consumer, is sitting on the side of the phone side of the hall stairs rest. According to an unnamed brand manager, the atmosphere is now deserted throughout the store, not a single one, "eleven" golden sales have arrived, the store also did some activities to attract popularity, I hope each family businesses can actively cooperate to drive sales.

    Out of the home actually, I see the "October" campaigns and banners have been hung on the ball square, flying against the wind child has to make people feel the atmosphere of promotional activities, the National Day can look forward to driving the improvement of market .

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