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Challenges facing the whole cabinet, while still optimistic about the prospects

   Out of state for real estate has a policy of particular concern to the people, "the purchase order." At present, all of the specific implementation details are being introduced, the real estate industry is facing a new round of stringent regulation.

     In many real estate speculators exclaimed winter comes, the whole cabinet is closely related with the industry will be affected? Whole cabinet of the real estate industry's business portfolio of the impetus for attacking another's views and how action? the impact of regulation by the real estate,drawer slides the whole cabinet industry will face some challenges this year, but the outlook remains optimistic.

     A new round of real estate, by some industry insiders as "the history of the most stringent regulation." New property tax pilot,drawer runner the three measures and interest rate policy is described as "regulation of combination punches." Portfolio after the introduction of the country's real estate and home building materials market has had an impact immediately.

     The introduction of national control measures will inevitably cause a decline in housing turnover in some places. Because both measures could dampen speculative activity might act on the normal purchase adverse psychological effects, so that some people postpone the purchase. It is understood that this year, Beijing, Shenzhen and other major housing turnover there has been a significant decline in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities, housing turnover is only a dozen or even dozens of sets.

     The decline in housing turnover, directly affects the demand for building materials and decoration, the short term may cause some impact on the overall cabinet industry, so that the whole cabinet companies to reduce sales, and even some small businesses may encounter difficulties. But the strength of the cabinet business, the impact is small.

     The face of real estate regulation may result in severe decline in demand, industry competition, etc., the whole cabinet enterprises should do? Industry companies and individuals have said that we should actively improve their strength, to cope with the adverse factors that may be encountered. Enterprises to actively explore new markets; development of new products, increase product added value; innovative processes and technologies, innovative marketing model of cabinet products, and so on. We must actively respond to all of the uncertainties.

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