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The company moved to enterprise microblogging fashion Hardware & Electrical

  Recently, one by the Machinery Industry Press "microblogging marketing - the company moved to the micro-blog" hot-selling, which is one from a business point of view to study the network microblogging marketing books. This book initially for microblogging marketing function and marketing steps described in detail and research, but also with the case for a comprehensive system to explore different industries, different sizes is to use microblogging tools for marketing.

    In this Voices with people,drawer runner tired of the Pan-marketing consumer information age, microblogging marketing to both real-time, interactive, flexibility, economy and many other traditional marketing tools incomparable advantages, quickly becoming the new darling of corporate marketing. Known as enterprise microblogging "never-ending news conference," it is in shaping the corporate image, help companies to identify potential target customers, market analysis and feedback, etc. is to show the powerful energy of the network from the media. Undoubtedly, the mechanical and electrical businesses can use to it, and gather popularity, for establishing good corporate brand image is a big help.

    "Microblogging marketing" as a preliminary understanding microblogging marketing guidelines, marketing microblogging made on the basic framework.drawer slides Perhaps due to time limitations and lack of depth, microblogging marketing remains to be further research is needed, but the book does mention microblogging marketing is regarded as a good means, I believe that things in this emerging era of mechanical and electrical enterprises should make good use of microblogging, microblogging heard in their pro-business, and then put all the feelings and the wisdom to know the real potential of the consumer, such microblogging marketing is real marketing.

    In general, most companies (especially service) can engage in microblogging marketing activities, business activities, but some direct interaction with consumers is poor. Perhaps the mechanical and electrical enterprises interact with consumers in this regard is also not so big, so mechanical and electrical companies in order to take advantage of the medium of microblogging tool, is bound to be aware of microblogging marketing can really help.

    Microblogging point vitality lies in its openness. It is different from QQ, MSN, e-mail to provide a one to one mode of communication, but also broke the QQ, the temporary closure of the session groups and other small groups AC mode. Opening means more possibility of crowd can gather popularity, and then into the marketing power of business, profit margins. Electromechanical enterprises can also add interest to follow through, to attract fans and other "cloud effect", was released to it, and achieve the purpose of customer surveys.

    Microblogging publicity has been out of the old-fashioned advertising. As the electrical company's products do not have fun, so there are limitations of network marketing. However, mechanical and electrical enterprises must understand the network in the lack of publicity in the microblogging marketing be improved. Today's marketing, promotional advertising products naked has been unable to attract the attention of consumers. Based on this, and mechanical and electrical companies have to learn to "play microblogging" closer to the feelings of consumers, through the vivid, lively, playful, stylish network language, close, intimate, warm heart, warm micro-Bo scripts, pictures, animation , hybrid network link applications, attracting onlookers crowd, comments, forwarding, participation, interaction.

    The power of microblogging is spread very fast. Microblogging propagation speed is very fast, if a micro-electromechanical enterprises Bo has been widely reproduced, the network will be like a "virus" as fast divergence, in the rapid spread and can cause emotional resonance, and build up , more powerful emotional response, and ultimately the formation of overwhelming force, invincible, unstoppable! If the mechanical and electrical companies grasp this point, bound for the marketing of great help.

    Enterprise microblogging is hanging above the two-edged double-edged sword, put to good use, it will help companies build their dreams cloud; whatever, sloppy sloppy, microblogging is the sword will turn the horse, directed at corporate life and death Achilles heel. Therefore, the mechanical and electrical companies in the use of microblogging, the more should be cautious.

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