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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

« The company moved to enterprise microblogging fashion Hardware & ElectricalXuchang, Henan Province, built the first production line of high-pressure grouting bathroom »

2012 prices will be marketing the terminal bathroom "diving"

    Building material prices menacing

     The recent market prices continue, according to official information, copper prices, rising steel prices, rising oil prices, coal prices! Timber market supply is tight, with larger price increases of imported timber, thus boosting the overall market prices of wood, which is a major factor in lumber prices. With the upstream raw material prices such as bullets flying, the air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines,drawer slides water heaters, stoves, sanitary ware and other traditional household appliances will usher in the first wave of bullish trend in 2011, sanitary ware industry price trends can not be far the.

     Four tight raw material supply building materials prices

    drawer runner Tight market supply of raw materials, plus imports of steel, copper prices were recorded, which led the overall market prices bathroom, which is the main factor bathroom prices. Which Faenza bathroom agents analyzed, the building materials industry prices by the three main effects. First, raw material prices. Second, labor costs increase, resulting in improved labor costs of enterprises. Taken together, said the prices of building materials industry is the cumulative number of factors together, more complicated. So that the impact of the bathroom industry is inevitable.

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