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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

« Vedanta Aluminium production in the second quarter, down 8% to 149,000 tonsPursue the initiative "Five strokes" build the core competitiveness of metal industry »

Go abroad to advance the wind and waves based on the world's Hardware China

  With international and domestic situation changes, domestic hardware companies began to gradually shift foreign trade, international markets, international trade cooperation to further strengthen this process, the hardware companies to difficulties to achieve the "going out" strategy, multi-faceted needs Note.

    Government support. To further expand business horizons, to broaden the hardware sales in the international market and strengthen the functions of government services, to provide enterprises with good "soft" environmental services at the same time, and often organized enterprises "going out", to participate in domestic and international product marketing activities, Through these exhibitions allow enterprises to understand the domestic and international market conditions, to capture market dynamics, to actively market opportunities, to enable enterprises to export products in foreign trade has gone further down smooth.

    Cost-conscious.drawer runner As market competition becomes more intense, the use of e-commerce to reduce costs, many businesses can take to victory means.

    Learn from failure. Each person entering the field of e-commerce, more or less a detour. Raise awareness of fraud prevention and more secure in doing business online is a very important aspect.

    Open the door to foreign trade. The greatest feature of e-commerce is fairness. No matter how large or small businesses, as long as the product quality to meet the requirements, good faith pass the test, can participate in market competition. Others will not because of distance, size drawer slides specifications. With the deepening of globalization, even the Chinese can become an international language. Foreign trade enterprises should continue to strengthen the professional knowledge, including knowledge of language and trade to continue to expand your knowledge and competitiveness.

    Personal development and the development of the company closely. Corporate staff personal development, improving the quality of development with the company are closely linked.

    E-commerce companies to participate. As a broker for the enterprise as part of international trade to help them solve various difficulties of communication with the buyer, direct extraction make business commission, then this e-commerce industry and the business itself is a leap. Luo Hui believes that China's hardware network marketing companies what to do with international trade will be a new trend in e-commerce in 2011: first, through various channels for foreign customers to know you; second is to allow foreign customers to trust you. It will take time, but need to regulate the quality of management, the international market experience and talent.

    Constantly adapt to market changes. Regardless of the initial bumps in the business period, or in the business development of the booming period, or after the acceptance of e-business in the competitive transformation period, at any time to maintain optimism and the ability to accept new things.

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