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Pursue the initiative "Five strokes" build the core competitiveness of metal industry

   Hardware manufacturing export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics, in recent years, overall growth in exports of metal products, primary metal appliances full bloom, not just power tools, hand tools, building hardware products, these traditional export products increased very high, and before the export share of small kitchen electric products and sanitary products, export growth is also very obvious. Huge market and center of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing center to China's shift. Hardware industry in China was the world's encroachment. drawer slides Luo Hui pointed out that the entire hardware industry to enhance our competitiveness, the need to strengthen domestic resources from the source of protection, starting with the domestic market to start, from the basics, they take the initiative, the kinds of situation in order to avoid long-term sustainability.

    Hardware to develop industrial clusters, build hardware chain

    China's hardware industry and more medium and small enterprises, a short time is difficult to compete with large companies in Europe and America, which is also to give full play to the group of industrial clusters that have a competitive advantage, the use of cluster-specific functional specialization and mutual cooperation, to strengthen the whole industry's own competitiveness in the global market in a place.

    The industrial structure adjustment and optimization of hardware, promote industrial upgrading

    China's hardware industry is labor-intensive industries. Export products in China, labor-intensive products will still be a long period of time dominant,drawer runner but also should be noted that for various reasons, the advantage of labor-intensive exports is slowly weakening. China's hardware industry in order to have long-term development, we must adjust and optimize industrial structure, we must continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional metal industries, but also to develop knowledge and technology-intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote industrial upgrading hardware. Only in this way can China's hardware industry to shorten the gap between the developed countries.

    Training and the introduction of hardware professionals, to enhance the intellectual capital factors

    Current lack of professional personnel has restricted the further development of China's hardware industry, the bottleneck, which will certainly affect China's hardware industry's international competitiveness. To solve this problem, you can take the internal development and external introduction of a combination of road. On the one hand, can enhance a company's existing short-term staff training to improve the existing human resource situation; the other hand, through introduction of high-quality industry professionals a variety of ways to enhance the intellectual capital of China's hardware industry factors.

    Give full play to the role of the government's boot support for the hardware industry to create a good environment

    Increase in major infrastructure, technological upgrading of enterprises and independent innovation, energy conservation, support to SMEs, the introduction of a number of effective policies to encourage enterprises to develop the Chinese brand, to help companies develop new products and technological innovation. Such as the establishment of 'innovative compensation mechanism', through the implementation of business tax breaks to compensate for the cost of R & D investment; innovator of products to simplify approval procedures, technical advice and other services. To create a favorable environment for development, thereby improving the international competitiveness.

    Promotion of independent innovation, brand strategy, improve value-added products

    At present, China's hardware industry is still dominated by the amount of expansion, resulting in the international market over the same level of competition, to change the mode of development, we must adhere to the concept of innovation in product development and innovation in technological innovation, can actively with research institutes, colleges and universities to conduct joint, joint development of new product projects to tap the domestic and foreign markets, thereby overcoming the quantitative growth, improve product quality, increase product added value, focusing on building its own brand, to enhance the hardware business in China position in the global division of labor, anti-risk ability and improve their 'bargaining' capabilities, thus enhancing the sustainable development of hardware industry competitiveness.

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