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Strand breaks into the problem of funds to HOLD living Hardware & Electrical Enterprise

   In recent days, last 20 days of the "occupation of Wall Street" protests shocked the world, and in faraway China, not calm.

    Xiao Bian understand mechanical and electrical line, because of funding strand breaks, Wenzhou enterprises closed down, many SME owners have been "on foot", as there are already more than 90 employers liability away. In southern China, the Pearl River Delta of small and medium enterprises involved in the community is concerned by the "eye of the storm." These because of funding problems worsen, making the development of SMEs reached the "tough battle" in danger. Some of the boss overwhelmed, and even suicide.

    In this unprecedented "catastrophe",drawer runner the most market-share of mechanical and electrical hardware companies face in turn what kind of situation do? Electrical line in small series and we discuss hardware mechanical and electrical companies may be at risk, as well as facing a crisis of survival.

    Financial monopoly rear road

    SMEs in Wenzhou, in this "closures", the electrical line that this is due to a high degree of monopoly of the financial system. In the current in the current financial system, large-scale natural preference for state-owned financial institutions, large enterprises or government-backed financing platform, they tend to get most of the credit resources, the financing needs of SMEs can not be met. Zhejiang, for example,drawer slides a survey of SME banking system to give credit only to meet the financing needs of SMEs, 10%, about 90% rely on outside the system of financing solutions. Hardware mechanical and electrical companies, still occupy a large proportion of SMEs, but they did not make financial monopoly policy space, in the financing needs are not met, naturally, there may collapse phenomenon.

    Private lending is the hidden

    Hardware & Electrical SME financing needs are real, but did not get on track bank line of credit institutions, thus, private loans also came into being. However, private capital loans did not imagine the insurance on the one hand, a number of reasons small businesses, especially micro-enterprise loans to turn, the difficulty of access to credit is also very large, even if we can borrow, SMEs can ill afford the high cost of financing . On the other hand, if there are problems of private lending, domino phenomenon appears. SMEs account for half of the mechanical and electrical hardware industry, once the financing problems, closures will be as snowballed out of control. Wenzhou lending phenomenon, it should be said to be a microcosm of the national private finance, private finance at this stage reflects the representation. In this small series to remind online merchants mechanical and electrical, in the face of funding to take positive measures to fundamentally solve the problem.

    Tough battle to find coup

    The face of the complexity of domestic and international economic situation changes, many in the hardware business survival and development of mechanical and electrical environment has deteriorated. The presence of catastrophe, hardware, electronics companies have to calm face, looking to defuse the crisis in the coup.

    According to the electrical line Xiaobian learned from Taiwan's Ching Lian Industrial Co., Ltd. will do very well, in moments of danger, the product aimed at the "DIY" family, innovative products look and style, cleverly tap "home economy" inherent in the hardware business in domestic and international economic change and the appreciation of the RMB in the case, to ensure the company's underlying business performance.

    In addition, Century Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. also has good performance, in consultation with overseas clients exchange rate within a certain time the two sides of the transaction in consultation with reference to the exchange rate, to a certain extent, reduce the promotion of enterprises due to the burden of the RMB. Hope some of the hardware, electronics companies can truly break down after the adoption of the exchange rate pressure.

    The financial crisis intensified, so that every enterprise a string taut, mechanical and electrical small series also reminds businesses online, and actively respond to challenges, a fundamental solution to the problem, speed up transformation and upgrading of enterprises, enhance brand-building capabilities and ability to master the core technology to ensure the steady development of enterprises.

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