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Degree of injury suffered up to five stars bathroom business "depression"

   Confused one: gold hot holiday product promotion freeze

    "51", Mid-Autumn Festival, "11", or even New Year's Day ... ... 3 ? 15 consumer rights day, anything can think of the festival, "credit", "Maijiu", "record low" and so the word promotion capture the market on a large scale, promotions, is full of wonders, and even had a bathroom style all their own products to sell on the pounds, as a way to eye-catching. Anwar bathroom, general manager of Guang-Ren Liu in an interview when he talked about SouFun, the current home building industry "formed a marketing dependency syndrome,drawer slides a promotion to sell, not to promote not sell", which are described on the building materials industry promotion the importance of

    However, consumers apparently did not promote the enthusiasm of the previous high, coupled with rising prices, tightening pocket, quite surprising for promotional gesture, and even some confused, not knowing who is shouting slogans make crying, who is really bleeding discount, consumer promotions, the price is growing resistance to the temptation, so some of the building materials market, even in this year's most popular passenger sales season is bleak, little figure, which can drive sales is changed was very limited.

    Some building materials from the start against the unrestrained promotion: "We are increasingly engaged in market promotion can not afford."drawer runner As the high production costs, lower selling price, discount promotion does not always ensure that their profits are no longer keen to participate in promotional war, there are companies that are behind the promotion of true opaque pricing, promotion, the more the price of water the greater the loss of consumer confidence on the faster.

    The sanitary industry, at present more representative of promotions, one large unified marketing, promotional activities, the second is the case, three special promotion is personality, and the third activities are a great prairie fire, which put large, easily million in sales, big risk and big gains exist, both for manufacturers and traders are tempting, but now the proliferation of such activities has become, especially in Guangdong, Zhejiang attachment of these coastal cities, large investment and large gains are not fully proportional to fix, it becomes a "brand poison."

    Business strategies:

    Long-term business strategy of companies planning to avoid the expense of quality at a low price to impact sales of the "myopic" behavior; enhanced holiday promotional plans and operability, and strictly control the marketing budget, good integration of marketing resources.

    Confused two: a good product but can not sell the market

    According to statistics, in recent years, China's demand for sanitary facilities will reach 34 million, became the world's largest consumer market of bathroom products, like ceramic tile and sanitary ware last products output reached 75 million square meters and 177 million, respectively, accounted for World building and sanitary ceramics production 60% and 40%, and exports to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Middle East, and the product of 50% annual growth rate

    From this trend analysis, the market is quite optimistic about China's bathroom has a large number of rigid demand, the market can be described as good. But the regulation in the housing market this year, raw material prices, labor costs rise, floods and droughts constantly under the influence of a combination of factors, the trend of domestic ceramic industry downturn, the recent areas of Zibo in Shandong, Sichuan and Yunnan Jiajiang areas also have big area of ??cut-off phenomenon. Frequent for the industry's "excess capacity", "market saturation" and other words, Ammon, gold, Eagle, benefits up to nine, animal husbandry and some other high-end brands was relatively calm, a strong base of large enterprises, but also to withstand pressure from rising raw material prices, their sales will remain stable growth. The most tangled or small bathroom business, profit is not their original high raw material prices and a clip like they grabbed the throat, profit margin compression, and more rational consumer does not intend to foot the bill, the product the pressure will be very big backlog, and some had to stop running part of the production line.

    Business strategies:

    Stop the run part of the production line, inventory digestion, wait for the season; believe there is a real rigid demand exists, as long as the product well, no matter how the market environment changes, will eventually achieve a certain effect.

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