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« Degree of injury suffered up to five stars bathroom business "depression"

Yantai ring lock industry: give the mature 80-year-old charm

    Has 80 years of development history of the lock ring Yantai Industry Group, and did not appear in history before the old tired, but the constant glow mature, robust and intelligent charm. Making it the most abundant accumulation of the oldest domestic production of the largest, most complete product, exports most professional lock company. At the same time, three-ring technology and equipment, management, technological strength and development capabilities, economic indicators do not have old-fashioned, with its size, efficiency, market share, exports are among the best in the same industry.

    Over the years, increasing three-ring technology and product innovation, product technology content and added value of significantly improving the economy, the structure of varieties from the past led to copper and iron padlock, as a "ring" brand car locks and parts , lock, commercial lock, drawer runner fire locks, escape hardware, industrial intelligent locks, safes (boxes), security doors, remote access control systems, Intelligent System, tanks and electronic cables with copper timber, metal and plastic surface treatment products, more than a thousand varieties, the main business by a single lock industry, the development of the automobile parts production, non-ferrous metal processing, electroplating, printing and other industries.

    Tricyclic products into the international market since 1957, currently selling more than 180 countries and regions in the world, China's export of metal products' quality products. " Ring card lock has won numerous awards at home and abroad, including the National Lock gold industry's only national quality award, the "China Famous Trademark", "old", "National Inspection-free Product", "Chinese locks King", drawer slides "Shandong brand name "and so on.

    In 2010, three-ring to "continue to lead by tackling scientific and technological progress, higher level with the guidance of scientific development" as a working principle in the domestic economic environment is extremely complex, with the goal of scientific development, to adjust the structure, focus, people-oriented, pragmatic and innovation, the annual sales income of 1.16266 billion yuan.

    Products of the licensing legislation

    In the course of several decades of development, continue to ring the changes in market demand, collect, improve and update the product offerings, and continue to adhere to the quality of legislation at home, the brand development strategy established home, continuing to lead the Chinese padlock locks, especially the development trend. Efforts of several generations, three-ring series padlock brass padlock in the 26 series, 36 series locks only in the domestic hardware market dominates the market share for many years occupied the first, but also in the worldwide market leader in establishing the market position, particularly in Asia, Africa, Latin America, occupies a large market share, and for a long period of time as the padlock numerous small companies competing counterfeit brands.

    Currently, three-ring series covering the world of civil, commercial locks most of the area in recent years, products have started to engage in national defense, police, financial systems security and other fields. Representatives from the era of ordinary padlock to the highest level of biometric technology systems and technology projects to fill the gaps intelligent logistics monitoring systems, intelligent remote control system separate bullets, and the whole wide product range, both the breadth and depth of product line in China Lock manufacturers dominate.

    In recent years, due to rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, as well as technical and technological level in China's rising domestic consumption and growing purchasing power, multinationals gradually shift production facilities to China, directly involved in the domestic and international competition in the market, the situation for many small domestic manufacturers of lock products over the more difficult life, facing the industry doomed. Lock industry, a new round of technological competition has been opened, high-tech high-end products will be the focus of future market demand. Faced with this situation, tricyclic understand the situation, seize the opportunity, in the high-grade padlocks, door locks and electronic locks and other home improvement areas focusing on the development, the concentration of superior resources and focus on tackling, has made encouraging progress. But away from the industry leader is still a gap, need to continue to increase investment and further integration of existing resources to achieve high-end locks by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, the international market demand for high-end locks still need to continue analysis of mining, foreign boutiques, supermarkets, hypermarkets and large wholesale markets were specific consumer groups, according to the different types, different levels of consumption, correctly distinguish between low-level high school, developing marketable products, selling products, providing different levels to meet different market products.

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